Unfortunately the world of viruses, phishing, spyware and malware isn't the sole domain of the computer market anymore, it is a growing concern in the smartphone world now too. This fantastic article guides you through the world of Android security apps and brings you only the best to keep you and your phone protected.

An Android user's worst nightmare is having their precious phone stolen, or that dreaded feeling that it's been www.valentinoshoesvip.com lost. There are some great apps out there that can help to locate your phone in various ways including using the phone's GPS, and getting the phone to sound an alarm. We take a look at your best options.

Popular Options to Help Locate Mobile Phones

Although this is an article about smartphones in general, rather than Android devices specifically, there is a lot of great information here that can help you locate a mobile phone, for whatever reason. We take a particularly close look at the Lookout Mobile Security app for Android phones which can not only locate your phone, but is also great as an allround security app in scanning for malware and suspicious apps.

Top Virus Protection for Android

Your Android phone is at a potential risk of viruses from many different avenues, so it makes sense to make sure it's protected in the same way as you protect your PC. This article rounds up all your best antivirus options to keep your information safe, and your phone riskfree.

Review of AVG Security Pro for Android

There is no shortage of security apps around that offer your Android protection in all kinds of different ways. AVG Security Pro is a pretty comprehensive package that offers a bit more than your average security protection. Find out if it's worth parting with your cash for, in this review.

Lock your Phone with the Biolock App

A phone is next to worthless to a thief if it has been locked, and there are a slew of apps that offer remote locking should the worst happen to your precious gadget. Biolock is an app with a difference though, as it uses facial recognition to lock the phone should it be found in the wrong hands. Sounds good in theory, but is it worth a download?